mirai yashima (mirai_yashima@hotmail.com)
Sat, 28 Aug 1999 21:30:43 EDT

> > I'm a Dunbine fan... though, I haven't watched a single
> > episode of it. Does anyone here know of a download site
> > with Dunbine episodes/OAVs?
> >
> I also haven't seen any of it; about all I have seen of any
>Dunbine is a picture by UK artist Steve Kyte, and a couple of models. I
>was basing my recommendation on the look of the models and that picture.
>I am very intrigued by what little I've seen of the premise, and would
>like to see it sometime.

If you don't mind it's in raw Japanese, you can order copies of the video
from HQ Video in NYC. They charge $6-8 per tape, depending on how many you
buy. They're first generation copies and are very good quality. They're
also really fast. They send the order out the same day you order so I
usually get them in 2 days. Their phone # is (212) 986-9454. They have about
2000 anime titles in stock but their catalog is in Japanese.

My brother liked this series enough that he uses it as part of his e-mail
address. (He wanted Gundam but it was already taken) I also have an
unassembled model kit of Dana-O'Shee which looks like a giant insect. If
you're interested, I can scan the box and send it to you... (Wow! I just
found an advertisement flyer for Gundam II movie inside the box! states
"Opening July 11" -- I just inherited a bunch of model kits from the early
80's from my mom's basement. Most are Gundam, but a few others are mixed
in, like this one.)

mirai y

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