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>Hi , Has anyone heard of Armor Hunter Meow link ? I just got the 1st tape
>I like it does anyone know how many epi are there and how many did they
>Fansub yet ?
 Hey, remember to mark these off-topic posts "OT" or something!
 Armored Hunter Mellowlink is a "side story" of Armored Trooper Votoms,
 about a young Armored Trooper who's the sole survivor of the betrayal that
 killed all of his comrades and his quest to track down and kill the man
 responsible. It was a 4-part OAV, although it may've been released in two
 2-episode volumes. In any case, the four 25-minute episodes are:
 Armored Hunter Mellowlink - Stage 01: Wilderness
 Armored Hunter Mellowlink - Stage 02: Colosseum
 Armored Hunter Mellowlink - Stage 03: Jungle
 Armored Hunter Mellowlink - Stage 04: Leaning Tower

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