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> I think she'd like Escaflowne, but I hate being on a limited budget. I
> can spend precisely $0 on anime for the next while. Besides, *that*'s in
> a boxed set and I really can't spend $230 on anime in one shot. =(

Anime Castle ( still has the Escaflone boxed set
deal. Where the boxed set costs $150 and you get the Escaflowne soundtrack
CDs for free. Just click on the Specials section at the top of the screen,
then click on Special Offer Videos & CDs. Hope that helps. I rarely have
money to buy anime and Gundam kits either. I have to buy one or the other, I
also very seldom watch the anime I buy more then twice, whereas kits take
time to build and can be reposed and displayed, because that's what kits are


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