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On Fri, 27 Aug 1999 23:44:25 -0700 Edward Ju <> writes:

> The GM was the 2nd kit from the series, so it suffers from
> lame-polycap-tis.

Oh, blah. I try to wiggle it around a byt so they seat correctly, but
especially in the legs it's jammed enough to seperate the two halves a
bit. I'll have to superglue 'em,
> >Oh, and I'm *very*
> >disappointed they couldn't do its visor in clear green plastic. They
> >managed it for the 0080 and *this* one is HG...
> Well, when I mentioned that the 0080 kits were basically HG kits,
> disagreed here and said they weren't even close. Care to defend
> that position now?

Hell no, that wasn't my argument to start with. The 0080 GM was one of
the first kits I bought and it sorta raised the bar on my expectations
for 1/144, I guess. I've still got to get around to getting more... More
GMs! Mwahahah! But I was buying the 08th GM expecting it to be *better*
than the 0080...

> >the brown is rubbing off the groin of my 0080 GM. (And no rude
> comments there. =P)
> What an unpleasant image. :) It is always a good idea to prime kits,
> especially if the part's color is not close to light/white color

Hmm. I'm not a spectacular painter, I'm just afraid I'm going to end up
having it look horrible. =) I really sholh invest in an air brush.

> As for what brand of paint to use, go with Gunze Sangyo. You can't

Chien mentioned that, I really should look into getting some.

- dom

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