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On Sat, 28 Aug 1999 13:15:50 +0800 Richie Ramos <>

> >Gundam Wing? FSS, God Gundam?

She wasn't terribly impressed with the Zero Wing Custom, even with all
those wings...

> >Gundam 0080? Not too much Gundam in those, but there are cute
> little kids.

Possibly, if I can ever find some 0080 *not* in that boxed set... I've
always wanted to see it myself.

> >I would hazard to mention El Hazard?

Clever. =P

> >There are serveral mentions of Escaflowne, and Sailor Moon, so
> there ain't
> >much I can do about that.

She's already a SM addict. Or at least was. I need to get her endeared to
mecha. She likes Bubblegum Crisis hardsuits, so that's a start. (I think
she just likes the idea of women kicking ass.)

> try gradual...first, lodoss war, then el-hazard, then Escaflowne,
> then
> 0080....

I think she'd like Escaflowne, but I hate being on a limited budget. I
can spend precisely $0 on anime for the next while. Besides, *that*'s in
a boxed set and I really can't spend $230 on anime in one shot. =(

- dom

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