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On Fri, 27 Aug 1999, garrick lee wrote:
> the voice acting was pretty ok. the voice for trieze was good, smooth and
> suave. zechs was ok. heero was DEADPAN. duo was just right. trowa needed

Ahh... I so envy you then. I just had the misfortune to suffer through a
Cantonese dubbed CCA. The translation was OK, a little clumsy but sounds
accurate enough. But Arg! The voice acting! The voices have no
personality beyond gender. Every sentence is delivered in the exact same
tone for command, question, sarcasm, panic, anguish, love, puzzlement,
awe and political speeches. I mean, it's one thing to act badly, it's
quite another thing to completely strip all emotions and credibility from
every single line in a movie.

Ahh... how I miss the old 1981 dubbing of 0079. Maybe it's my heart
instead of my head speaking, but I really think the Cantonese dubbing is
better than the Japanese original.

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