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> Whoa...I thought this was going to be a MG kit for sure. Looks like
> everything after the 1YW MS are going to get downsized into HGUC.
>But what about the ZZ gundam that was promised? I mean heck they already
>have a HG of that already? And if they do redo the HG version of the ZZ,
>not redo the HG RX-78?

after seeing on HGUC kit (Guncannon), I have this suspicion.

seeing the level of detail in the guncannon makes me suspect that the HGUC
line might be scaledowns of MG kits which never made it past the prototype
stage. It could be that we are looking at a way that makes sure that they
will have sales for MG's they are not sure of....if it doesn't sell as
HGUC, then it won't make it to MG. It sounds like a good plan.

but this is all just extrapolation mind you...based on the starting kit of
the series...but damn if it were true...we might get to see all sorts of
crazy MS's being given a chance via HGUC.

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