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> Its a single shot shooter type. Shoots like a missle launcher or something.
> Slow and does not feel like a machine gun.

    The machine gun shoots pretty fast.. It can take FOREVER to take out a
Zaku II with just your machine gun alone.

> Moreover, you can't shield your Ms nor can u use beam saber without going
> near to the enemy ms in a speed mode.

    You can shield your MS in anytime in RFTA, as long as it's carrying a
shield that is. To pull out a beam saber you need to get a lock on your
target then get very close to them, and the saber is pulled automatically.
You can also block with the saber. Can't figure out how to shoot vulcans with
the saber pulled tho.
> Overall a disappointment.
> I do hope to see the rate of fire for the dreamcast version to be faster
> more realistic.
> Is this so?

    Yeap, I believe it is.
> Any problems like the ones I have mentioned?

    None really like the ones you mentioned, although there probably are a
few.. I just have a bad memory.


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