Mark Kuettner (
Fri, 27 Aug 1999 13:53:21 PDT

>Someone already did a 1/100 Geara Doga when the movie came out. It came
>with two propellant tanks and one huge gun mounted to the side of the
>booster pack. If you find it buy it!! I never bought one because I
>thought the kit would be around for a while. I have a picture of it in one
>of my old Hobby Japans. Totally awesome ... groovy mama ...

A dealer at this past Anime Central convention in Chicago had 2 1/100
Geara Doga kits for sale...recasts from the Kotobukiya kit, for sure.

>So, the 1/100 Sazabi that is out now, is it a rerelease or a totally new

I'm not sure. The 2 previous versions of the 1/100 Sazabi were the
Wave version and the Kotobukiya version. The Wave version was very looked lumbering in comparison to the animated version.
The Kotobukiya version was much more faithful to the anime and was
very sleek...if this new B-Club kit is a rerelease, I would have to
say it was a Kotobukiya release, originally.

Mark Kai

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