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Fri, 27 Aug 1999 12:37:43 -0700

> a) 08th Team GM. Did anyone else have trouble with this kit? All the
> polycaps seemed to be too tight for the holes. =( (Oh, and in the
> instructions, how did they get those groovy wear marks on there? I love
> it! I want to do all my kits like that! *grins*) Oh, and I'm *very*
> disappointed they couldn't do its visor in clear green plastic. They
> managed it for the 0080 and *this* one is HG...

In my 4 years of odd experience building kits left and right (mostly, in not
all Gunpras), I find that Polycap joints are mostly hit and/or miss. Some
are too tight (I prefer them tight to loose), some are too loose, it's all
dependent on the condition of the polycap joint runners. It's something
that's occassionally out of your hands and there is really nothing you can
do about it.

> b) What's the brand of paint would be 'best'? I tried Testors acrylic
> (what's that, Model Master, I think?) and it seems to be wearing off
> raised surfaces very quickly... I was under the (perhaps mistaken)
> impression I wouldn't have to prime before I painted these things. All
> the brown is rubbing off the groin of my 0080 GM. (And no rude comments
> there. =P)

If you can afford it, try Sanyo-Gunze paints, often found under Mr. Paint
brand, or Gundam Markers. They are fairly durable, especially the glossy
kind. They are quite think though if you're considering airbrush duties for
the paint.

> d) How do you deal with a woman who's upset at your Gundam obsession, yet
> collects armies of faeries herself?

Gundam Wing? FSS, God Gundam?
Gundam 0080? Not too much Gundam in those, but there are cute little kids.

I would hazard to mention El Hazard?

There are serveral mentions of Escaflowne, and Sailor Moon, so there ain't
much I can do about that.

Y. Choe

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