Dom Tetreault (
Fri, 27 Aug 1999 12:15:21 -0400

a) 08th Team GM. Did anyone else have trouble with this kit? All the
polycaps seemed to be too tight for the holes. =( (Oh, and in the
instructions, how did they get those groovy wear marks on there? I love
it! I want to do all my kits like that! *grins*) Oh, and I'm *very*
disappointed they couldn't do its visor in clear green plastic. They
managed it for the 0080 and *this* one is HG...

b) What's the brand of paint would be 'best'? I tried Testors acrylic
(what's that, Model Master, I think?) and it seems to be wearing off
raised surfaces very quickly... I was under the (perhaps mistaken)
impression I wouldn't have to prime before I painted these things. All
the brown is rubbing off the groin of my 0080 GM. (And no rude comments
there. =P)

c) Anyone have Crazy Probe's review page URL? I'm at work and don't have
it here...

d) How do you deal with a woman who's upset at your Gundam obsession, yet
collects armies of faeries herself?

- dom

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