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Its a single shot shooter type. Shoots like a missle launcher or something.
Slow and does not feel like a machine gun.

Moreover, you can't shield your Ms nor can u use beam saber without going
near to the enemy ms in a speed mode.

Overall a disappointment.

I do hope to see the rate of fire for the dreamcast version to be faster and
more realistic.

Is this so?

Any problems like the ones I have mentioned?


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>> Just a question......does the machine gun shoots like the ones in Gundam
>> side story for Saturn version. If it does, then it is very boring.
> Actually, I've never played Side Story for Saturn, although I always
>wanted to buy it.. Heh, I sold my Saturn in order to get Rise From The
>Ashes.. Oh well. But what was so bad with the machine guns in Side Story for
> ~Gokou
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