garrick lee (
Fri, 27 Aug 1999 08:25:42 PHT

>That reminds me, what language was Gundam Wing dub into for the Filipino
>If it's English, then,
>they could have just use that dub.

it was dubbed in filipino, of course. :)

just as g gundam is, right now. just like yu yu hakusho, lupin III, flame
of recca, dragonball z, ultraman, and all japanese stuff. hell, even gijoe
and transformers have returned to the airwaves in filipino.

only voltes v and daimos escaped filipino dubbing and returned in original
english dub. why? well, imagine "laser sword" translated into
filipino...if you translate it back into english it would be something like
"lightning sword of death". :P

the filipino dub for g-wing was erratic. the translation per se was
confusing. i had to watch the english subtitled just to understand some
scenes. dialogue of several scenes were mangled.

the voice acting was pretty ok. the voice for trieze was good, smooth and
suave. zechs was ok. heero was DEADPAN. duo was just right. trowa needed
work. wufei's arrogance was perfectly captured, methinks. the voice for
quatre was still female, while the voice for dorothy made me want to
strangle and kill her (the voice wasn't so was the sneering
arrogance the voice actress put into it...any filipinos agree?) howard had
a weird voice though...just like the 5 scientists. (NOW, i know why i
didn't understand who howard was. blame the filipino dubbing -- duo calls
him "doctor j" on several occasions. sometimes, duo just calls him "j".
apparently, someone screwed up behind the scenes.)


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