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> >>Hmm, I don't really see any connection between the Wing
> yaoi with a legit
> >>resin kit of the Nobel Gundam. Even though it looks
> feminine, at least
> >>it's fully clothed and not engaging in bizarre sexual acts...
> >>Eddie
> >
> >It's the sexual appeal of an obviously female mecha. that appeal is
> >hentai. it may not be as bizarre as urutsukidoji, but
> buying a kit cuz
> >it's nice and female AND MS...i don't mind, but by broad social
> >definitions, it's, if only I can get my hands on
> one of those
> >kits....
> I am not arguing, I just don't see how a fully-clothed "female" mecha
> would have much hentai appeal. As far as I understand the
> term, hentai
> refers to sexual interests of the prurient kind. The Nobel
> Gundam does
> not even expose its breasts like the Aphrodisia(sp?) from Mazinger Z,
> I think the Nobel is more like the VR Viper II from Virutal On if you
> want to classify it.
> Going by your reasoning, wouldn't anyone who builds female
> character GKs
> (Evangelion, etc.) be considered hentai as well?
> >as for wing...well, some of the sales of the 1/100 EW kits
> here in the
> >philippines were due to girls...why? they'd buy the kit for
> their bros,
> >then get the figurine inside for themselves. interesting behavior.

The fact that despite its ridiculous look, Nobel is actually a kick ass
Mobile Fighter somewhat aleviate it. But Master Gundam is still the best
Mobile Fighter in the show in terms of actual function and coolness factor.

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