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> Figures... Gundam games are never known for technical breakthroughs.

    True that.

> Have you seen Frame Gride yet? If so, how do their graphics compare?

    Haven't seen it.

> Really? That's weird. Your friend didn't get the HK boot, did he?

    Nope, real thing. Everything's there, 'cept no cards.
> I guess The 08th MS Team opened the floodgate for all wannabes to
> freely violate the OYW continuity... next thing you know, the Feds
> had GMs all along, they were just holding back and toying with the
> spacenoids long enough to amuse themselves.

    LoL, my friend was pointing this out to me and used almost the same joke
you just did. ^_^
> Someone claimed that this is a sequel to Blue Destiny. Based on
> what you've seen so far, does that look likely? It would be really
> cool if they made a Gundam-less game for a change. The Blue Destiny
> trilogy ended up with a Gundam instead of the GM in the end... and I
> am willing to bet this game is going to follow the same pattern.

    I _thought_ that this was a sequel to Blue Destiny. And nope, it doesn't
really look likely, but hey.. I could be wrong. I'm hoping once I beat the
game, it'll unlock a mode where I can start with a Gundam from the get-go..
That'd be kinda cool.

> That's cool. Any brand new designs from the game?

    Not that I've noticed so far.. Although there is a somewhat different
version of the GunCannon.. Different shoulder armor, a slightly different
head, a 100mm machine in each hand to accompany the shoulder cannons and
vulcans, and of course, the white and grey Dingo colours.
> <Shudders at the thought of dialing up a Japanese ISP>

    ::shudders along:: Eck, n-not.. enough..


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