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Just a question......does the machine gun shoots like the ones in Gundam
side story for Saturn version. If it does, then it is very boring.

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At 04:28 AM 8/26/99 EDT, you wrote:
> Hey all. Just got it today, and I gotta say that I'm impressed.
>From the minute I saw the cover, I knew that I was gonna love it.
>Nice art of a GM and a GM Cannon hulking over a hover truck.
>The ya open it up. When I first saw the art on the disc, I was like
>"What the hell?! Shin Matsunaga?!" because it's a white wolf
>insignia [Sp?] But then upon playing and examining the GM's closer,
>I noticed that the white wolf, or I should say White Dingo, is the
>insignia for the main character's group. Aaaaanyways, Remove
>the CD and you get this cool lil' comic strip of a GM and a Gouf
>in a showdown. So then, I pull out the book and what falls out?
>A trading card! This one has the main GM, in a cool lil' pose.
>There are different cards because the guy who works at the
>store where I purchased the game said he got a different one.
>Moving on, the whole game [I think] is set in Australia, after
>the Colony Drop. And, you play as second lieutenant Master
>Pierce Rayer of the White Dingo, Earth Federation Army
>Australian Division. The game opens up with a not-so-flashy but
>still impressive cinema of the events leading up to the game's
>happenings. And once you get into the game, and get a feel for
>the control lay out, controlling the GM is fairly easy. By the way,
>you have your choice of RGM-79 and RGC-80 GM Cannon. Each
>customizable with different things [bazooka, machine gun, heavy
>and small shields, and at around the third board a BEAM RIFLE! ::grin::]
>I've gotten as far as the fourth stage, that's it. Zaku Cannons and
>Goufs keep taking me apart. It's a pretty tough game, from what
>I've played so far, and a good step for Gundam to take on the Dreamcast.
>Oh, did I mention, it's Internet compatible? ^_^
>That's all for now peeps.
> ~Gokou
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