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>Hmm, I don't really see any connection between the Wing yaoi with a legit
>resin kit of the Nobel Gundam. Even though it looks feminine, at least
>it's fully clothed and not engaging in bizarre sexual acts...

It's the sexual appeal of an obviously female mecha. that appeal is
hentai. it may not be as bizarre as urutsukidoji, but buying a kit cuz
it's nice and female AND MS...i don't mind, but by broad social
definitions, it's, if only I can get my hands on one of those

anyway, am not willing to argue the point's just a point of view.

as for wing...well, some of the sales of the 1/100 EW kits here in the
philippines were due to girls...why? they'd buy the kit for their bros,
then get the figurine inside for themselves. interesting behavior.

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