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Thu, 26 Aug 1999 08:02:46 PDT

> Oh, my. I can see it now...
> Dexter: "At lasssttt... Gundam Wing Zero Custom... my greatest
>creation... COMPLETED!"
> Dee-Dee: "Whatcha doing, Duo Maxwell?"
> Dexters mom: "Boys! Stop that right now! No anime posing in the
> Bubbles: "Sorreee! Geez... do you think Zechs will be able to
>mend this mask after I broke it...?"
> I'm, er, going for a lie-down...

The scary part is that's not farfetched at all. As any loyal Dexter's
Laboratory viewer knows, the show is filled with all sorts of Anime in
jokes, seventies Marvel Comics references, and other fannish things.
Remember the Dodgeball powersuit? (One of my favorites)

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