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Hello everyone, I'm Veilchen (anyone remember me?), a former member
of the Gundam ML. A friend of mine who's a member of this list sent
me a copy of a particular post regarding G Gundam since I've been
pretty much into the series quite recently. I would just like to
point a few things out... sorry for trying to forward a post even
though I'm not a member of the list anymore, but as much as I want
to re-subscribe, I can't. I've been having trouble with my internet
connection and I can't afford to deal with a lot of mails as I used
to. Please understand. Anyway, if anyone would like to discuss  anything
further about this topic, my e-mail addy is

garrick lee wrote:

  as an aside, while waiting for g gundam, i find myself drawn to watch
ultraman dyna (and previously for g wing, ultraman tiga).   love those
rubber suits.  :)   (stoopid question: is ultraman tiga the pretty boy
version of ultraman?  they were all so much prettier to look at...the two
femme guts officers :P)

Who? Rena and Capt. Megumi Iruma? Rena's gotta be the cutest
Japanese girl I've ever seen. Capt. Iruma's not bad either... :)

  the introduction with the eye-patched announcer needs to go.  sure it's
unique -- the way the show converses with the viewer (kinda like she-hulk
comics), but it seems out of place.  (then again, so many things in g gundam
seem out of place...)

I think that guy's name is Stoker (Stalker?). He even administered
the Gundam Fight between Domon and Heero in Neo Super Robot Wars ^^;

  i really think the "shining finger" should be renamed "shining fist" or
something.  it's not like dommon sticks the finger at the enemy gundam.
jeez, he just grabs the head.  how disappointing.

Oh no... not another name change... the local dubbing's already full
of it ~_~

  and the animation of dommon raising his hand dramatically...only to snap
his fingers...!  aaaaaaaargh!

Ha ha ha... that's right ^^;

  why does dommon get a funky racer/car/platform to dock in with his shining
gundam?  he jumps into the racer's cockpit just as it docks with the
shinging the heck does he have space to do his
fighting-action-sequence?  you know, where he goes through the plastic bag
and does his daimos thingie?

I think that hover car thingie docks somewhere on the back of the
Gundam and throws Domon inside or something. And that Mobile Dress
sequence... well... I'm waiting for the part where Rain substitutes
for Domon... hee hee that would be something to look forward to :)

  the mini-fighting platform inside the gundam is interesting.
but...wouldn't he pilot run out of space anyway?  if he jumps up, the gundam
jumps up. if he jumps left, the gundam jumps left.  what if the pilot runs
off? the gundam runs, but the pilot runs out of space inside the gundam's
belly. or are they floating in some magnetic field inside?  what if the
gundam is prone? knocked down? turned upside down?  what happens to the
pilot? does the pilot, in turn, mimic the position of the gundam (since a
prone gundam is practically flopping on the ground) ?

I think that platform thing has enough space in it for the Gundam
Fighter to move freely. When running, I think the pilot doesn't
really run out of space as the Gundam itself and the space moves
along with him. Lastly, I think the Gundam follows the pilot's
position, but I don't think this works the other way around :)

  character design also needs work.  kinda disappointing   (well, yeah,
maybe i've been spoiled by the uberslick character designs of g-wing, but
hey...all the g gundam characters look bland, with crazy but banal
hairstyle, and plain uninspired faces.  even in close up.  dang, but the
big-eyes-small-mouth with pointy chin is so *blah!* to look at.)

Yeah... I hate the way Sai and Chibodee looks. But hey, at least
they have quite a couple of cute babes such as Rain, Allenby, and
the Chibodee girls, right ;)  And before I forget, to compare GG
with GW; at least they don't have people with eyes like Dorothy's
or hair like Sally's ;)

  plot wise, i suppose it's shaping up (i hope -- heck, the intro animation
has changed already, so that means something significant must've
happened...heheheh)  maybe we'll get somewhere instead of just seeing cheesy
gundams fight each other.  even then, the gundam fights are so
disappointing.  they begin with fanfare, but end on a dumb note (i.e. the
shining gundam with its grubby hands over another gundam's face). and those
"gundam fighting convention clauses" are so silly.  aaaah.

Those clauses are actually the rules for the Gundam fight... isn't
it nice for them to state it as if it's the moral of the episode?
Or would you prefer hearing it enumerated by Stoker (the guy w/ the
eye-patch) everyday?


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