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> How do the graphics compare to Soul Calibur? Polygon pop-outs?
> What about frame rate?

    I'm not nearly as impressed with this games graphics as I was when I
witnessed Soul Calibur. Frame rate has to be a smooth 60fps, and pop-out is
minimal if any at all[Too tired to really notice.]

> IIRC SD G Generation Zero comes with a pack of them... probably 4
> or 5 cards.

    Oh really? Hmm.. Strange, my friend's G-Zero game with nothing of the

> You mean the EFM already has GMs deployed on earth months before
> the WB carried the Gundam prototypes to Side 7?! What's next...
> EFM deploying GMs before Side 3 even declared independence!

    LoL! Don't ask me man, I just play the game, not make it.
> Is it the same design/look as the MSV version of the GM Cannon?

    Yep, it is. Same exact, except in grey and white colour scheme.

> Let's hope you will eventually upgrade to a GM Sniper!

    ::drool:: Oh man, wouldn't that be sweet?

> Do you know what does the Internet options allow you to do? Multiplayer
> action over the net, or just high score uploads?

    I have no clue myself. I'm HOPING WITH ALL MY SOUL that it's multiplayer.
This would make a sweet co-op multiplayer game, and if there made a
deathmatch type battle mode.. Even better.



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