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In a previous episode:

> take me off this list now

Oh oh, here we go again. Again, someone has not been reading their intro

> ! Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz:
> !
> ! "Most surprising of all, Bandai plans to release Gundam Wing on
> ! television! Negotiations with the cable Cartoon Network may put Gundam
> ! Wing on US TV as soon as this fall, with more anime series to hopefully
> ! follow in its footsteps."

I can just see it now. The powers that be at Time Warner will mangle the
names, mutilate the plots, and make the likes that Treize, or who knows,
Treeslover, the protagonist.

Or even better, he'll get the big deletion because he seems to effiminate,
and thus automatically belong to the 10% of the population. And I can just
imagine the horrid voice acting.

Of course they'll butcher the best line in the series to something like:

"I'll kill you" to "I love you" or "I'll follow you like a kid" something or

Sorry for being slightly negative. But, then again, this could be good.

Surprised that they didn't go with God Gundam. But then again, it would
have to be altered to Good Gundam Dragonball Z Alpha Moon Kick.

Y. "The really negative guy" Choe

P.S. But the expectation of watching Gundam without forking out too much
dough excites me. Hehehee.

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