Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Thu, 26 Aug 1999 01:41:55 -0700

> Hey all. Just got it today, and I gotta say that I'm impressed.

How do the graphics compare to Soul Calibur? Polygon pop-outs?
What about frame rate?

>From the minute I saw the cover, I knew that I was gonna love it.
>Nice art of a GM and a GM Cannon hulking over a hover truck.
>The ya open it up. When I first saw the art on the disc, I was like
>"What the hell?! Shin Matsunaga?!" because it's a white wolf
>insignia [Sp?] But then upon playing and examining the GM's closer,
>I noticed that the white wolf, or I should say White Dingo, is the
>insignia for the main character's group. Aaaaanyways, Remove
>the CD and you get this cool lil' comic strip of a GM and a Gouf
>in a showdown. So then, I pull out the book and what falls out?
>A trading card! This one has the main GM, in a cool lil' pose.
>There are different cards because the guy who works at the
>store where I purchased the game said he got a different one.

IIRC SD G Generation Zero comes with a pack of them... probably 4
or 5 cards.

>Moving on, the whole game [I think] is set in Australia, after
>the Colony Drop.

You mean the EFM already has GMs deployed on earth months before
the WB carried the Gundam prototypes to Side 7?! What's next...
EFM deploying GMs before Side 3 even declared independence!

>And, you play as second lieutenant Master
>Pierce Rayer of the White Dingo, Earth Federation Army
>Australian Division. The game opens up with a not-so-flashy but
>still impressive cinema of the events leading up to the game's
>happenings. And once you get into the game, and get a feel for
>the control lay out, controlling the GM is fairly easy. By the way,
>you have your choice of RGM-79 and RGC-80 GM Cannon.

Is it the same design/look as the MSV version of the GM Cannon?

>customizable with different things [bazooka, machine gun, heavy
>and small shields, and at around the third board a BEAM RIFLE! ::grin::]

Let's hope you will eventually upgrade to a GM Sniper!

>I've gotten as far as the fourth stage, that's it. Zaku Cannons and
>Goufs keep taking me apart. It's a pretty tough game, from what
>I've played so far, and a good step for Gundam to take on the Dreamcast.
>Oh, did I mention, it's Internet compatible? ^_^

Do you know what does the Internet options allow you to do? Multiplayer
action over the net, or just high score uploads?


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