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>>anyway...EDDIE! the knees and elbows aren't bad at
>>all....but it still does feel fragile.
>That was my gripe... the joints weren't designed in line with the classic
>kit designs all the way up to the MG line, but I didn't realize they were
>more in line with the PG's joint designs. The joints aren't as durable but
>as long as you don't go out of your way twisting the joints to see if they
>will break, they should be OK.

so the PG has joints like this? strange.

>You meant the MSiA figures? The MSiP toys have at least nice proportions
>and good details. They are made in Japan after all, unlike the ugly MSiA
>figures, which are made in China by disgruntled political prisoners who
>don't get paid for their labor.

oops. MSiA is what I meant! Mea culpa....they are selling well here...but
ooooogh, the panel lines are horrible!

>>many apologies for doubting your word.
>Hey man, I am glad you got to like the toy in the end.

yes, I also makes for great dramatic Shakespeare poses, LOL!

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