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The following item appears in Manga Max #9 (September 1999):

"You can never have too much Gundam, but Gundam G-Saviour is a long way
away from the show's early days of science fiction animation. The year is
Universal Century 0223, and the Earth's environment is falling apart at the
seams. But there's a last, best chance for hope on the space colony Side
Gaia, where research scientist Sincere (Enuka Okuma) and her friends are
working to find a solution. Meanwhile, Mobile Suit pilot Mark Karan
(Brennan Elliot) is forced to ditch his robot in the sea and start the long
walk back to base. But he gets there to find it under attack by enemy
forces. Mark's girlfriend Mimi (Catalina Conti) finds the secret files
that show the Earth government's next target is Side Gaia, and it's up to
Mark to talk his leader (Kenneth Walsh) out of it. That, or stop the
attack the only way he knows how...

Directed by Graham Campbell of television's SeaQuest, with designs by
Battle of the Planets' Kunio Okawara, this US-Japan coproduction was shown
at the Okinawa American Short-Short Film Festival on 18 June. Plans have
already been announced to upgrade the mix of live-action and computer
graphics to a 90-minute television special, but a date has yet to be set."

All well and good, but what happened to Jill Hennessey and Scott Glenn?


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