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garrick lee wrote:

> >it's anime physics again...and it could get really funny sometimes...am
> >watching G Gundam right now,
> you too? heh.
> as an aside, while waiting for g gundam, i find myself drawn to watch
> ultraman dyna (and previously for g wing, ultraman tiga). love those
> rubber suits. :) (stoopid question: is ultraman tiga the pretty boy
> version of ultraman? they were all so much prettier to look at...the two
> femme guts officers :P)

[OT] heheheh...officer rena? she is so cute, especially the episode
when she takes a swin with the dolphins...

> >and I find it...hilarious. It is a really
> >cheesy spot of cartoon animation. The idea is beginning to be nice
> >though...I like the pathos it has, reminds me of the older space opera type
> >cartoons. but the glowing eyes, the hyper modes, the "SHINING
> >FINGER!!!!!!", it looks great, but now I am beginning to see why some
> >gundam purists find it so...quirky, for want of a better term.
> well...methinks many details could have been done better in g gundam. and
> it's only the 7th episode. the first five seemed to be filler
> episodes...giving us teasers about dommon koshu's quest, while showcasing
> the crazy-arsed designs.
> the introduction with the eye-patched announcer needs to go. sure it's
> unique -- the way the show converses with the viewer (kinda like she-hulk
> comics), but it seems out of place. (then again, so many things in g gundam
> seem out of place...)

oh well...IT is really out of place. imagine someone narrating someone
at you
(in real life of course) and then jumping out of his/her seat and then
"Gundam Fight!"

> the tequila and rose are tied for "cheesiest gundam" so far...though i
> suspect they'll be overtaken soon. i just hope i don't see the mermaid
> gundam or zebra gundam or matador gundam in action. aiiieeee... were the g
> gundam producers drunk? this IS worse than that whale monster from tranzor
> z. (anyone remember that?)

hey, the rose gundam was, for me, so funny...imagine seeing someone
attack you
with funnels/bits/or whatever it's called that looks like a rose...LOL!

> i really think the "shining finger" should be renamed "shining fist" or
> something. it's not like dommon sticks the finger at the enemy gundam.
> jeez, he just grabs the head. how disappointing.

it really is...all of my friends are having a blast making fun of
Domon's "shining finger"...

> those "gundam fighting convention clauses" are so silly. aaaah.

right on the bullseye! it's so cheesy when you're fighting and your
opponent decides to remind you of "gundam fighting convention clauses",
what do they think of you, an imbecile who doesn't know the rules?
BTW, something endears me to the devil gundam...

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