Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 14:10:51 -0700

>Yeah, and thanks to Eddie here, I have a reserved chogokin gundam
>already....the owner was nice enough to let me have playtime with what is
>essentially mine already. Curiosity doesn't kill the cat, it just makes
>your wallet lighter.


>anyway...EDDIE! the knees and elbows aren't bad at
>all....but it still does feel fragile.

That was my gripe... the joints weren't designed in line with the classic
kit designs all the way up to the MG line, but I didn't realize they were
more in line with the PG's joint designs. The joints aren't as durable but
as long as you don't go out of your way twisting the joints to see if they
will break, they should be OK.

>admittedly now, though...no doubt,
>it can stand to at least moderate play. i would bet rough play actually,
>but I won't do that.
>the lack of detail (as compared to the MSiP stuff) actually enhances its
>look. it looks WAY more solid than the durn MSiP's.

You meant the MSiA figures? The MSiP toys have at least nice proportions
and good details. They are made in Japan after all, unlike the ugly MSiA
figures, which are made in China by disgruntled political prisoners who
don't get paid for their labor.

>many apologies for doubting your word.

Hey man, I am glad you got to like the toy in the end.

>yup, facts picked up from the internet is best double checked by
>cross-referencing with existing texts outside the net.
>Which kinda makes it useless, in a sense, LOL!

Not to mention a lot of the stuff on the net were loosely based on what
was in print, but with a lot of exaggerations or embellishments thrown in
for good measure...


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