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>I have the kit. Do you? You are beginning to sound like Richie, who
>got into this big debate with me about the merits of the chogokin Gundam
>when he didn't even get to check out the actual toy itself.
>People who saw the original series knew that the Zaku I did not even
>come with any shield, period.

Yeah, and thanks to Eddie here, I have a reserved chogokin gundam
already....the owner was nice enough to let me have playtime with what is
essentially mine already. Curiosity doesn't kill the cat, it just makes
your wallet lighter. anyway...EDDIE! the knees and elbows aren't bad at
all....but it still does feel fragile. admittedly now, doubt,
it can stand to at least moderate play. i would bet rough play actually,
but I won't do that.
the lack of detail (as compared to the MSiP stuff) actually enhances its
look. it looks WAY more solid than the durn MSiP's.

many apologies for doubting your word.

>>> Just because something is online, does not mean it is accurate or
>>> true.

yup, facts picked up from the internet is best double checked by
cross-referencing with existing texts outside the net.
Which kinda makes it useless, in a sense, LOL!

"Magic is the hand of faith..."

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