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On Wed, 25 Aug 1999 12:17:24 -0700 Edward Ju <> writes:

> I have the kit. Do you? You are beginning to sound like Richie, who
> got into this big debate with me about the merits of the chogokin
> Gundam when he didn't even get to check out the actual toy itself.
> People who saw the original series knew that the Zaku I did not even
> come with any shield, period.

*shrugs* I'm not debating anything with you. I don't have the kit. I'm
only interpreting what I see and read, and if it turns out wrong, oh
well, I'm corrected... And I do have the first movie, but was too excited
at actually seeing animated Gundam to take note of which Zakus were in
there. {g} (I'm anime-deprived when it comes to Gundam.)

> Actually I was glad such an ugly thing wasn't even considered for
> mass production. Hehehe. But then again, having seen the Turn A, I
> digress.

*shudders at the thought of legions of Turn-A's*

Cower in fear at the assault of the Moustache Men! (queue tacky 50's

- dom

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