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> >Escape velocity of earth is something like 11 m/sec (right?), so
> Escape velocity is closer to 11,000 m/sec. But what you want is the

Ah! So my velocity is off by 1000 times and the energy is off by
1,000,000 times! Minor mistake ^_^;

> One megaton (TNT) = 4.184e22 ergs = 4.184e15 joules = 4.184e15 wattseconds

Ok, close enough.

> >Hmm so a colony drop is conservative only 0.02 Megaton or 22 kiloton.

So the correct figure is 17,820 Megaton! or 18 Gigaton. That, my
friends, can make a nuclear winter out of any season! So the Belfast
drop, in which the remaint of the colony was seen standing upright after
impact, and the AEUG ppl glazing at it in anguish from a relatively short
distance, was utterly unrealistic!

Oh, that figure also is extremely close to the official number of 60,000
Megaton figure.

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