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>It's seems i was wrong about the power resulted from Island Ifish colony
>drop on Sidney it's not 600Megatons BUT 0.6 billon megatons !!! I
>checked in the script but i must say now that enough to take back
>Humanity in stone age !

That would be Version 1.5, dated 23 Jan 1992, translation by Tonghyun Kim,
edited by Noel Gamboa for Operation X.

And that would also be a typographical error. The actual figure, as noted
in a previous post, is 60,000 megatons or 60,000,000,000 tons.

In the American numbering system, a billion is a thousand million; in the
British numbering system, used by most scientists around the world, a
billion is a million million. In the American system, 60,000 megatons is
equivalent 60 billion tons (60 gigatons) but in the British system can only
be read as 60 thousand million tons.

If someone along the line misread the figure as 600,000 megatons, the
result would be 600 billion tons (600 gigatons) in the American system or
0.6 billion tons (0.6 gigatons) in the British system. If someone using
the American system (as Noel Gamboa) edits figures supplied by someone
using the British system (as Tonghyun Kim), this confusion is even more likely.

And if someone starts out with megatons and later decides to give the
figure in tons, or vice versa, it's possible that the figure might be given
both ways at once -- which is exactly what happened here.


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