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>> 'Gundam Ez8' is definitely a one-off kit bash, and
>> my own copy of "Gundam Data Collection Volume 9 -
>> One Year War Side Story" has details on its origin.
> Okay, do we have to beg? What are these 'details?'
> Furthermore, is this book devoted to 08th MS Team?
> Neil

The technical details of Ez8 as a custom MS for Shiroh
Amada of the 08 Team is officially recorded on the
paragraghs printed on the instruction manual of
Bandai's 1:144 HG RX-79(G)Ez8 "Gundam Ez8" model kits,
where my previous post "re: Ez8's origins" was based
on. All the official reference of "08th MS Team", such
as "Gundam Data Collection Vol. 9" and the loose-leaf
technical specification on Ez8 from "Gundam Mechanics
Vol. 2", all pointing directly to the fact that Ez8 a
tailor-made (or should I say tailor-repaired in this
case?) mobile suit for the team leader of the 08th MS

And, if you are not satisified with the above, just
watch episode 9, 10, and 11 of the "08" OVA, in which,
counting all eight MS combating teams from the "Kojima
Regiment" (lead by Lt. Col. Kojima), only one single
unit of Ez8 ever appeared on the OVA, and that's
belonged to Shiroh Amada of the 08th Team.

I hope this is a satisfactory answer to your question.

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