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>> So is the G3 canister launcher, because in previous

>> Gundam shows such as "Z Gundam", the G3 (contained
>> in a oversized container) was pumped from colony's
>> exterior by Titans' MS.
> If they're actually calling it "3-G" or "GGG" in
> 08th MS Team, it's a continuity error.
> The nerve gas used by the Zeon during the One Year
> War was "GG" (approximating the two-letter US Army
> designations, such as GB and VX) and, so far as I
> know, didn't have an alternative name.

Besides the "Gundam Data Collection Vol.9: Side Story
part II" (i.e. the 08 Book) use the term "G3" to
describe the poison gas carried by Zaku I, the
reprinted edition of "Mobile Suit Gundam Event Book:
One Year War Edition" (Rapport Deluxe, 1998, Japan)
also use the the same term in a paragraph (p22)
talking about the "One Week War". I wish I can find
out a few more Gundam reference to see if there are
any other names exist for this poison gas. Does anyone
have any ideas?

> The nerve gas used by the Titans in Z Gundam was
> "GGG" (indicating that it was a refinement of GG)
> was both pronounced and written on canisters as
> "3-G".

But in the "Z Gundam" TV series, all the characters
concerned - Bright Noah, Reccoa Londo, Bosque Ohm, and
so on - use the term "G-3" whenever they mentioned the
gas during conversation. As for the label on the
container, I'll leave it as a sloppy mistake by the

> As to the size of the container, consider that has
> to flood a 1,030 cubic kilometer volume of
> within the colony to a lethal concentration of the
> gas. Even if the lethal concentration is only one
> part per million and the contents are compressed to
> liquid, the delivery package is going to be as big
> the average two-bedroom house.

Point well taken. As far as I remember, both the
gasing scenes from "08" (Zaku I) & "Z" (the one
carried out by Reccoa Londo in later part of the show)
are not for wiping out the entire colony population,
but only a small part of it. More like the baddies are
giving out a (lethal) warning signs to the
uncooperative colonies.

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