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>> Dude, in case you don't know yet, all the SD Gundam
>> stuff take place in an alternate universe, so if
>> try to apply the UC timeline to it nothing will
>> any sense.
> Only one? : )
> Some of it is a UC parody universe [First part of
> Original SD Gundam, possibly rolling colony affair.
> [Mk II], Possibly first story Mk III..., Maybe SD
> Olympics?]Some of it is set in a universe populated
> solely by MS that wear clothes [first story Mk V,
> second story Mk IV] Then there's the Sengoku
> and the Knight Gundam universe. And the general SD
> Gundam Universe [not clearly related to anything
> - 'Hotel Wars,' 'SD Wacky Racers' [Mk IV] and maybe
> some of the maybes from before and the ;'Stormy
> School Fetsival' And then there's the one shot
> universes ['Gundam Densetsu' Mk II]...
> As for making sense... Why is Paptimus Scirroco
> driving the bus for the Gundam hotels? [And note
> that both Four and Lalah are both alive when they
> get off the bus, but aren't later on...]

Myself? I just take it as it is & enjoy the 60 minutes
of of mindless fun. I must admit that I prefer the
'modern stuffs' like the Hotel War, School Festival,
etc. than the forced "Sengoku" & "Knight Gundam"

"你會看到時代的眼淚" ("You shall withness the tears of an era.")
Shuichi Ikeda (Char Aznable's voice actor),
Mobile Suit Z Gundam
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