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Tue, 24 Aug 1999 18:13:17 -0700

>>it's anime physics again...and it could get really funny sometimes...am
>>watching G Gundam right now,

>well...methinks many details could have been done better in g gundam. and
>it's only the 7th episode. the first five seemed to be filler
>episodes...giving us teasers about dommon koshu's quest, while showcasing
>the crazy-arsed designs.

I took me about 8-10 eps. before I really got into G Gundam. The first 4 or
so eps are really bad. It's a shame, they probably turned off so many
viewers before they got a chance to go with the good stuff.

>the tequila and rose are tied for "cheesiest gundam" so far...though i
>suspect they'll be overtaken soon. i just hope i don't see the mermaid
>gundam or zebra gundam or matador gundam in action. aiiieeee... were the g
>gundam producers drunk? this IS worse than that whale monster from tranzor
>z. (anyone remember that?)

Gundam Rose, Master and Bolt are my faves but I love them all. Sure they
are cheesy but this is where they belong. I put G gundam in the same realm
as SD gundam. Rediculous fun.

>character design also needs work. kinda disappointing (well, yeah, maybe
>i've been spoiled by the uberslick character designs of g-wing, but
>hey...all the g gundam characters look bland, with crazy but banal
>hairstyle, and plain uninspired faces. even in close up. dang, but the
>big-eyes-small-mouth with pointy chin is so *blah!* to look at.)

I think it is rather the drawings in the animation that are shoddy. The
characters aren't bad when they are drawn well.

>plot wise, i suppose it's shaping up (i hope -- heck, the intro animation
>has changed already, so that means something significant must've
>happened...heheheh) maybe we'll get somewhere instead of just seeing cheesy
>gundams fight each other. even then, the gundam fights are so
>disappointing. they begin with fanfare, but end on a dumb note (i.e. the
>shining gundam with its grubby hands over another gundam's face). and
>those "gundam fighting convention clauses" are so silly. aaaah.

You are in for a real ride if you follow G Gundam to the end. It reminds me
a lot of Giant Robo. Silly looking characters/mecha/powers, served with
super melodrama. I like it a lot.


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