Danny S. Kim (danny@lookfx.com)
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 16:27:46 -0700

> Hey Danny, what's up man? My last couple of e-mails to you were bounced
> back and I thought you weren't working there anymore.

Hey, Eddie, I'm still around.
My company moved to new location and there were some major rewiring.

> If you are looking for mecha model display cases, good luck on that one.
> Most of the display stands and cases I've seen are made for model cars or
> battleships (i.e. wide and short, not long and tall). Stands might be
> easier to find - anything used for figures should work.

One I've seen was perfect for Gundam model. I think it was doll glass display
case.( it had Barbie in it .)
But, I know what you mean. Stand will be easier to find and cheaper, too.

Have you seen anything on web? You know I don't get out much, and I shop
mostly online lately.


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