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It is from the V-Gundam series
It is designed to be used with the 1/144 (it seems 1/1444 is a typo on the sellers part) "Mobile suit in a Pocket" series of suits from V-Gundam series also. All the toys are pre-painted and assembled except for a few parts. They are well made and fun litle toys. I believe all the suits in the line (13 in total) are all from the V-Gundam series also except for #7 which is the F-91 and also one of the hardest to find.
I see them all for sale regularly on ebay, just do a key word search on "Gundam"
Or maybe Eddie Ju will read this and offer some up for sale to the list :)
I bought several of the ones I have from him on ebay and he ships quick and packs the items well for transport


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On 8/24/99, at 3:24 PM, David Armantrout wrote:

>This appears to be Gundam sled model, but I have never seen or heard of it
>before. Perhaps someone could help me out on where I can find info about it,
>or whether it's snap together, molded in color, etc.
>David Armantrout

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