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>Neil Baumgardner <nbaumgardner@phillips.com> wrote:
>Ah, that looks like a one off special weapon created solely for ep. 8.
>Several post-Zaku I MS were seen suffering from the lack of anti-personel
>weapons (RX-78-2 in the original TV series; various scenes in Z and ZZ).
>And I don't remember any MS other than Zaku I and EZ8 in 08MST having any
>anti-personel weapons.
>I like that episode a lot, but the nail bomb scene is rather forced and

It's just another retcon to make the bad guys even badder. Flechettes (the
proper name for the nail-like projectiles) came into public notice during
the Vietnam War and were subsequently outlawed as weapons of atrocity -- in
other words, we can't stop you from using them, but if you do we'll label
your action an atrocity and make you liable as a war criminal. Flechettes
are especially deplored when made of glass or other materials transparent
to X-ray.

As with poison gas, the use of flechette bombs is used to show that the
Zeon disregard the Laws of War. In 0083, the authors used nukes in the
same way to show that the Federation leadership was corrupt. It's no
different than when the tough-guy villain pulls out a knife during a fistfight.


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