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>So is the G3 canister
>launcher, because in previous Gundam shows such as "Z
>Gundam", the G3 (contained in a oversized container)
>was pumped from colony's exterior by Titans' MS.

If they're actually calling it "3-G" or "GGG" in 08th MS Team, it's a
continuity error.

The nerve gas used by the Zeon during the One Year War was "GG"
(approximating the two-letter US Army designations, such as GB and VX) and,
so far as I know, didn't have an alternative name.

The nerve gas used by the Titans in Z Gundam was "GGG" (indicating that it
was a refinement of GG) and was both pronounced and written on canisters as

As to the size of the container, consider that has to flood a 1,030 cubic
kilometer volume of atmosphere within the colony to a lethal concentration
of the gas. Even if the lethal concentration is only one part per million
and the contents are compressed to liquid, the delivery package is going to
be as big as the average two-bedroom house.


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