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>> it's anime physics again...and it could get really funny
>> watching G Gundam right now, and I find it...hilarious. It
>> is a really
>> cheesy spot of cartoon animation. The idea is beginning to be nice
>> though...I like the pathos it has, reminds me of the older
>> space opera type
>> cartoons. but the glowing eyes, the hyper modes, the "SHINING
>> FINGER!!!!!!", it looks great, but now I am beginning to see why some
>> gundam purists find it so...quirky, for want of a better term.
>You haven't gotten to Nobel Gundam yet?

you mean the Sailor Moon Gundam? yeah, I've seen it. but not in the
animation yet. I heard that the resin kit for it kinda sold out pretty
fast...a perfect combination of hentai and mecha marketing...

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