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Mon, 23 Aug 1999 20:28:50 +0100

Dude, in case you don't know yet, all the SD Gundam stuff take place in an
alternate universe, so if you try to apply the UC timeline to it nothing
will make any sense.

Only one? : )

Some of it is a UC parody universe [First part of Original SD Gundam,
possibly rolling colony affair. [Mk II], Possibly first story Mk III...,
Maybe SD Olympics?]
Some of it is set in a universe populated solely by MS that wear clothes
[first story Mk V, second story Mk IV]
Then there's the Sengoku universe and the Knight Gundam universe. And the
general SD Gundam Universe [not clearly related to anything much - 'Hotel
Wars,' 'SD Wacky Racers' [Mk IV] and maybe some of the maybes from before
and the ;'Stormy School Fetsival'
And then there's the one shot universes ['Gundam Densetsu' Mk II]...

As for making sense...
Why is Paptimus Scirroco driving the bus for the Gundam hotels? [And note
that both Four and Lalah are both alive when they get off the bus, but
aren't later on...]

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