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On Tue, 24 Aug 1999, Ulrich Massamba wrote:
> > Hmm so a colony drop is conservative only 0.02 Megaton or 22 kiloton. Hmm
> > how big was Hiroshima again? About the same?
> Hiroshima bomb was 1.5 kiloton. The colony seems to be more destructive
> than Little Boy.

Really? Somehow I have the number 100 kiloton in my head. So 22 kiloton
is pretty respectable.

> If i remember well, the power of Island Ifish colony drop during British
> Operation was 600 Megatons and such huge power just create a sea !?

I wonder how one could get at 600 Megatons, that's 30,000 times bigger
than my calculation (if it's right). Sure a colony is more than just a
hollow tube of concrete and titanium, but I don't see a colony having
30,000 times more energy than that.

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