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>There was one in the original TV series... a melee
>between the GunCannon and a RickDom. The RickDom got
>close enough to grab the GunCannon's right arm, which
>was holding the beam rifle. Too bad it forgot there
>were still a pair of deadly shoulder-mounted cannons
>and the GunCannon fired at it at point blank range.

while that sounds stupid on part of the Dom pilot, history is replete with
such boo-boos. Custer is one of them, and in my own country, the ongoing
conflicts are proof of it. It is easy to underestimate a
"weaker"/disadvantaged enemy, only to be reminded it's got a helluva punch.

Other examples of acts like this are Cima Garaha's last fight vs. Kou, and
the infamous Nt1 vs kampfer fight.

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