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>The US Navy uses 20 mm Vulcan cannons in their Phalanx air defense system.
>The Phalanx mounts all of its individual sensor systems (including gunner)
>directly above the weapon mount, which is again mount directly above its
>individual pedestal (containing all of its movement gear). These thing are
>pretty darn accurate now, can the future be all that much different?
>The Abrams and Leopard II main battle tanks can rapid fire their main
>with extreme accuracy while traveling cross country at top speed.
>Motion picture companies use a "steady cam" system that keeps a camera
>vibration free and pointed on target regardless of the movements of its
>operator, or of any carriage it may be mounted to.
>The tech is here now. It had better still be here in the future.

my apologies, i didn't know that much about US military hardware, was
thinking about it from civilian point of view. the stuff you mentioned i
always thought of more as space saving designs rather than truly accurate
ones (the phalanx), or were only good against stationary targets
(abrams/leopards). the steady cam i think is a weaker argument because a
camera doesn't have mechanical vibrations of the magnitude of a rapidfire
weapon. apologies.

anyway, if that is the case...another thing comes to mind...considering the
space in a gundam's head for much ammo can one actually store,
as in is it like in fighter planes, like in the A10, or do they store as
much ammo as an actual turret-based weapon (like the phalanz)? and what
sort of ammo do gundam head cannons use?

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