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Neil Baumgardner <> wrote:
> Great page, I especially liked the 08th MS Team
> section.

Kudos go to Colin for most of the recent updates. I have been sitting on
my hands for a while now.

> the Zaku I's 'nail bomb,' as seen in Ep. 8. What
> other Zeon MS have this weapon? Is there a similar
> Fed weapon?

Ah, that looks like a one off special weapon created solely for ep. 8.
Several post-Zaku I MS were seen suffering from the lack of anti-personel
weapons (RX-78-2 in the original TV series; various scenes in Z and ZZ).
And I don't remember any MS other than Zaku I and EZ8 in 08MST having any
anti-personel weapons.

I like that episode a lot, but the nail bomb scene is rather forced and

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