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>> Why couldn't the animators create a scene such as
>> melee between a Guncannon (w/ beam sabre) & a Zaku
>> Cannon (w/ a heat hawk picked up from a destroyed
>> Zaku nearby). This will certainly be a spectacle.
> There was one in the original TV series... a melee
> between the GunCannon and a RickDom. The RickDom
> got close enough to grab the GunCannon's right arm,
> which was holding the beam rifle. Too bad it forgot
> there were still a pair of deadly shoulder-mounted
> cannons and the GunCannon fired at it at point blank

> range. OUCH!

I see what you mean. I was thinking more in the line
of 2 clumsy artillery MS, without their respective
hand- held firearms, point their big shoulder cannons
to each other, "Reservoir Dogs" style.

Or if they have a fist fight, I can't imagine the
clumsiness of the shoulder cannons will cause. Maybe
they pull off the cannons & duel it out in desperation
(hehe). Just a thought...

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