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> Great page, I especially liked the 08th MS Team
> section.

Thanks Neil ! Right now I am constructing the pages
for the cool-looking Gouf Custom & Gouf Flight Type,
then out Zeon MS section will be completed. Be sure to
keep coming back. (sorry for for the shameless plug
here :)

> While I was looking through it noticed the mention
> the Zaku I's 'nail bomb,' as seen in Ep. 8. What
> other Zeon MS have this weapon? Is there a similar
> Fed weapon?

If you see the good ol' Zaku I has this kind of
horrible but effective anti-personal weapon, you can
be sure that other Zeon MS - whether ther are fighting
on Earth or suppressing space colonies - will have the
nail bombs installed. Zak I's nb is, iirc, the only
animated evidence so far. So is the G3 canister
launcher, because in previous Gundam shows such as "Z
Gundam", the G3 (contained in a oversized container)
was pumped from colony's exterior by Titans' MS.
Hopefully we'll do a mecha section for "Z Gundam" so
we can show it.

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