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> Each colony is 32km (20 miles) long and 6.4km (4 miles) in diameter. But
> elevations. The concrete and titanium hull is only a meter thick. The

So that makes 32e3 * 6.4e3 * pi * 1 = 643 million m^3 of stuff.

Specific gravity of titanium is 4.54, concrete is probably lighter, so I
will be conservative and use 2. That's 1.3e12 kg, or 1.3 million million
kg being drop on your head.

Escape velocity of earth is something like 11 m/sec (right?), so
  E = (1/2) m V^2 You have 7.7e13 J. Now for the life of me, I can't
remember or find out how many J there is to the Megaton, so I do some
searching to try to figure it out. The heat of combustion for TNT is 821
"kg calories per gram molecular weight", I have no idea what that really
means, if it's 821 calories per gram, than it's 3.4e15 J per Megaton.

Hmm so a colony drop is conservative only 0.02 Megaton or 22 kiloton. Hmm
how big was Hiroshima again? About the same?

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