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> What is the technological explanation of Zaku's lighting up
> the mono-eye?
> Theatrically, the Zaku only lights up the monoeye when it's about do
> something nasty. But while cruising and just standing
> around, the monoeye
> is dim but the visual system is obviously still on.
> One (very stupid) explanation is that during battle, the
> pilot switch to
> an "active" visual mode from the "passive" mode, like sonars.
> The problem
> is of course you hark back to the Dark Age's perception of
> sight (i.e. the
> eyes emit "beams" to illuminate the sighted objects).

Except, when you goes to an active system, you just give your enemy a nice
beacon to shot you at. active sonar on sub isn't used unless needed.
Remember the old army prohibition of lighting 3 cigarettes with 1 match;
with a lit match on that long, a sniper will be able to acquire a target.

> Or it could be a lame attempt at scaring your opponent.

It's just a nice effect.

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