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On Sun, 22 Aug 1999, Joaquin & Linette Torres wrote:
> states that his sub-camera is still functional. The 'eye' was not lit up, but
> maybe there is another camera package in the head or along the monoeye track?

What is the technological explanation of Zaku's lighting up the mono-eye?
Theatrically, the Zaku only lights up the monoeye when it's about do
something nasty. But while cruising and just standing around, the monoeye
is dim but the visual system is obviously still on.

One (very stupid) explanation is that during battle, the pilot switch to
an "active" visual mode from the "passive" mode, like sonars. The problem
is of course you hark back to the Dark Age's perception of sight (i.e. the
eyes emit "beams" to illuminate the sighted objects).

Or it could be a lame attempt at scaring your opponent.

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