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On Mon, 23 Aug 1999 13:51:48 -0700 Edward Ju <> writes:

> >identifier of RGM. I mean, isn't the Gundam Ez8 mass-produced? Yet

> Was the Ex8 mass-produced? I thought it was a one-off design that
> was put together in the field due to lack of parts.

*shrugs* P'raps, I've never seen 08th. But I'm certain I read somewhere
the Ez8 is mass-produced. I'm probably wrong though. =)

> As a general rule of thumb, a GM has a visor plate instead of the
> humanoid-
> looking face with two eyes and the red "tongue" sticking out... of
> course,
> there are always exceptions to a rule.

Hee. Like the Hardygun's red tongue. *grins* That's *almost* a Gundam's
face, it has the Gundam-style faceplate (though no eyes, it's all smooth)
and has rabbit ears instead of a V-antenna.

- dom

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